AmeriCares Foundation

AmeriCares is a nonprofit organization that provides aid during periods of daily struggle, large scale disasters, civil conflicts and helps save lives by delivering much needed medical supplies, and humanitarian aid to those across the globe and in the United States. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that more than two billion people or close to 33% of the world's population does not have access to proper medicines.

Besides the shortage of medicines, there are professionals in the health care industry around the world who struggle because of the lack of having sufficient supplies such as syringes, gloves and bandages. Since its foundation in 1982 AmeriCares has provided over $10 billion in aid to over 145 countries.

AmeriCares assembles donations of different products from the private sector and then determine who needs these products the most. They also solicit funding to send the aid on ocean cargo or via air to professionals in the health industry anywhere around the world. The model they use has been time tested, experience driven and cost effective. Based on their records for every $100 that is donated over $3,500 worth of emergency and humanitarian aid is sent to various places and people in need.

AmeriCares maintains a longstanding commitment to their responsibility fiscally and have always received outstanding rankings for its efficiency from Charity Navigator. These ratings support the fact that over 98% of their entire expenses go directly to supporting relief efforts and programs for those in need and less than 2% are used for administrative costs.

AmeriCares has a number of programs and networks they work with in order to get the much needed donations to send to the hardest hit areas when disasters occur. They use their years of experience to maintain the most efficient way of receiving donations and in turn distributing them so that the money from donations is maximized to its fullest.


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